Monday, July 28, 2008

Pioneer Day... (celebration)

So we didn't get to do anything on the actual 24th of July for Pioneer Day. We don't  get those extra set of fireworks, parades, business closures and all of the fun stuff you get in Utah for the holiday, here in Missouri (in fact it's not really even recognized). We did get to have our ward Pioneer breakfast on Saturday morning though. The kids thought it was so much fun to wake up and go eat at the church. We all had a good time. It was fun to watch the kids play games that the pioneers once played. 

This is about the only good picture I got of Hayden, he finally broke free from me to play. The rest of the games he was attached to me somehow. 

This game was something the kids made up. I don't really know what they were doing but it was creative and they were having so much fun. 

She loves her milk! 
(below)Alyssa was really trying to figure out that hula hoop. She liked it. They originally tried to do a game where you push it along with a board. It just didn't work the same as the wheel that was flat that pioneers used.

Another game, like duck, duck goose but you say something like... I had a little dogie and he... wouldn't pick you, and.... 
then you drop the scarf at the person you pick and the rest is the same.
Alyssa played for awhile. She just doesn't get the taking turns thing yet for some reason, she would cry harder and harder every time someone else would have a turn and she didn't get picked! It was very dramatic for her. She finally just got up and pouted on a step alone for a bit. 
hopefully she will learn soon.

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