Friday, July 4, 2008

Hayden's big scare

Wednesday we had a playgroup at the city pool. I was nervous about taking the kids without dad like I usually am, but figured it wouldn't be so bad with Alyssa not with us. I love taking them swimming and playing with them in the pool. My kids love the water. 
Well, we weren't there that long when Hayden 
did have an accident..... 
He was face down in the water for only a short time but he wasn't moving. He was breathing  when he was pulled up. He threw up lots of water and he wouldn't open his eyes. When we could finally see them they were very dialated and kept rolling then they would close again. He was pretty blue around the mouth too.  I had to go to the lifegaurds to tell them what had happened. Then the girl had no clue what to do!! She had to go get an adult life gaurd to help.
When the paramedics checked his oxygen it was below normal. One said his lungs didn't sound good and the other said they did.
We did take him to the ER and had X-rays done and blood work.
We found out the next day that he did have a lot of fluid in 
his lungs and his blood was very diluted and his counts were low. 
They transfered him up to Columbia to the children's center.  

Here he is getting on the ambulance to be transfered.

These are out of order, but, 
He was not happy to get on that stretcher.

By the time I got up to the hospital (they were just over an hour ahead of me.)He had already changed a lot! he was standing up in his bed jumping around and crashing on purpose. He was so happy to see his own pillow and blanket. 
The next morning they took more 
X-rays and checked his blood. 
His blood was normal and his lungs just barely had a trace of something in them. They originally told us we would be there for 2-3 nights. Well, we showed them! They were really surprised how fast he healed.
I am so thankful we were able to give him a blessing and for all of the prayers and support every one gave. I know it really helped in healing him faster.
They were wonderful at this hospital. It was a really nice place, they really made it better for having to be there. 
They had toys for him to play with and when he was finally disconnected from all of the machines he had a playroom to go 
to and a room full of goodies just for him. 
Thanks to all of our good friends who helped and made everything go so smoothly and a lot easier!  
It was so hard to see him go through this. 
I am so thankful for and love our sweet Hayden so much and I am very glad nothing worse came out of this.


Tres Chic Boutique said...

OH MY GOSH. Seriously! That is crazy and I am SOOOOOOOOO glad that he is okay. Just the other day, I was at the gym, running away, blaring music in my iPod and a story comes on the news how a little girl was away from her family for like 5 minutes, and found dead in a pond (they were at Sugarhouse Park). I was trying so hard not to LOSE IT at the gym (I felt TERRIBLE for them, and could totally see that happening to Sydney)! So then I read this and well, I am just sooooo glad to hear that he is alright. What a huge relief! I guess it only takes a second, huh? Love ya Lisa!

rlsecor said...

We took the girls fishing tonight at this pond where they sit on this high stone wall to fish... Alex being unable to sit still as always was about to give me a heart attack. I'm holding onto her shirt as she is leaning farther and farther over the edge and all I can think about is Hayden floating and me having to go in that nasty water to get her out. And then the time that Izzy fell in to the pond at Union Station - and she IS notoriously careful! She was so freaked out and flapping around - she had no idea she could stand up! We have life jackets - I think we will have to store them with our fishing gear.
We are so glad you are all okay!

Keirsten said...

I'm so glad he's okay. I talked with Kelly the day after it had happened and she didn't know a whole lot, just what Rob had told her. We were both very concerned for your little one. You're such a religious blogger that I've been checking regularly to see if you had posted anything. Well I'm glad you did and I'm so gland that he's okay!! Love you guys.

Melanie said...

I'm so grateful everything turned out okay! What a scary experience!! It really makes you think how quick things can happen!!

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