Saturday, July 19, 2008

Youth Conference

This past week I had a chance to attend a day at Youth Conference. Due to the responsibilities of being a Mom we all had to take turns going. It was great that our presidency all got a day. It was a mini EFY for four stakes at the University of Missouri. What a beautiful campus. We were able to stay in the dorms and use many of their buildings.
We had two guests through out the whole conference.... Brad Wilcox and Alex Boye. These were both wonderful speakers and I know they had to make an impact on the youth.
I loved what they both had to say. 
Here is just a bit of what was spoken.... 
I had actually been thinking partially about what Alex spoke on. I love music. It can change my mood in a moment depending on what it is. It can calm me or give me a sense of energy, depending on the beat, tone and words. Music is full of emotion and can bring out the good or bad in anyone. This is what Alex spoke on. "the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me". In other words, songs are prayers unto God. So, if you are listening to music that does not make you feel good, that talks about bad things and has bad lyrics, and if songs are prayers.... who are these songs for then? Satan.
He talked of a friend who had many problems in her life. Many things were wrong. Alex looked at her CD collection and told her that no wonder she is having these problems her music is telling her to do these things. It's all depressing. It talks about cheating, committing suicide, being depressed, drinking etc.... he found many songs that said these problems of hers specifically.
There was a boy who had killed a person. He fled the scene but left his ipod behind on the sidewalk. What did the police find playing when they picked it up and listened to it. A song about going to kill someone. It was on repeat. He already had the rage in him and the music helped to push him over that edge.
Anyway. He talked a long time about music and the way it affects our lives. It really does have an impact on the way we act. Alex was amazing with the youth. He really had them captivated. It was good to hear about the power that music can have in ones life.
Brad Wilcox is also amazing. He took some of the most touchy subjects and made it come across in a way they would really understand. I will always remember this talk when my children get to that age that we need to talk about everything. Which will sneak up on us too fast!
Thanks to my most wonderful husband who watched not only our kids but two other peoples kids while I was gone for a few days. What a great guy!  You're the best babe! 
            It was a good refresher to get away and to feel of the energy our youth have. They are some amazing kids out here. I can't even imagine growing up here where there are such small numbers of members. 
They do great though. 

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