Monday, July 14, 2008

Time goes by too fast. So many little things have happened and I have just slacked off on posting them. So here is a few all at once and there will hopefully be more to come sooner than later. 

Brandon lost his first tooth a few weeks back, and then on July 4th, while he was doing the sparklers his second just fell out! He wouldn't pull that one he was too scared. kind of silly. You know they are growing up when they start losing their baby teeth.  By the way.... This is his self portrait. I found it on my camera later. Thus the fuzziness.
He told us he was going to stay up all night and watch for the tooth fairy and catch her, and keep her! He then learned that she couldn't do her job if he did that. 
                                    Alyssa.... poor girl! You would "think" because it is summer, that the sickness would be gone! but it isn't and we went to the Dr. and she has strep throat.  We all just went through this at the beginning of the year. So my fingers are crossed for the rest of us.  
As you can tell in the picture, we gave the boys Super short hair cuts for Summer. When Brandon first looked in the mirror, his response right away was "I look like uncle Jordan!"  It made us laugh. It's funny that he picked him and not one of the boys. 
I guess you can't really see... but this is a picture of a baby cardinal. The dad kept feeding it. it was sweet. 
Last Thursday we took a day trip to Independence. It was very short, but we stopped by the visitor center while we were there. It is always good to go there.

 Do you ever have days like this? What is wrong with this picture? (Hint) Look up at the right hand corner......     I found this about three days later.... It didn't smell, it actually was a yogurt consistency. Gross huh? I knew that day it had gone missing that we should have had more milk than we did. I was really confused. Who did it? We aren't exactly sure.... 


Jill said...

That is dang funny about the milk...I'm totally cracking up.
I want to know who did it!!

Melanie said...

ha ha. that's awesome!! I love that Brandon thought he looked like Jordan. Maybe because Jordan is the most obvious no hair person. I love that!! LOL!

Jordan Finley said...

There ain't nothin' funny about looking like Uncle Jordan. That's just plain HOT.

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