Thursday, July 24, 2008

Somebody has a new bike.....

This is one happy little guy. He got a new bike. It was a nice gift from a neighbor and we just couldn't wait until his birthday, 1. because he is just growing way too fast and 2. Summer will be almost over by then. I guess he does have it in the basement right now and weather is not an issue.... but, this is not the only new bike at our house....

He also thinks this is his..

But, it's Dad's new motorcycle! 

He's really had it a few weeks now but I was waiting to get a good picture of him on it, which hasn't happened yet, but this will do for now. 
The kids all love it, Hayden always has to see it whenever it is in the garage. 
Justin has ALWAYS wanted a motorcycle. He knew one day he would have one, but I always told him no! There was no way I was going to let him have one because I was scared to death for him to ride it in the city with all of the crazy drivers. 
Well, with our recent changes in life, I decided since we are in such a smallish town, I won't worry quite as much, and I gave in. 


Melanie said...

Nice bikes! Under no circumstances whatsoever would I allow a motorcycle, but yeah for Justin! I hate motorcycles! They scare me, too.

Melanie said...

Yeah. So, Jordan and I were wondering who superimposed Justin's head on Hayden's body? It looks like Justin riding a tricycle!!

Hollie Hanson said...

Poor Hayden. he must feel so jipped! JK! ;)

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