Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hayden Singing While Doing a Puzzle

Hayden loves to sing. He does this quite often. This time was pretty funny because he wasn't being serious and changing up the songs a lot and mixing them. He's not quite on key and a little loud, which is what makes it kind of funny. I love this kid.

All In A Day

To say the last six months have been busy is an understatement. I say six because that is how far behind I am in trying to catch up with lost posts I want on my blog. It overwhelms me and I end up just not posting. So, for myself, I have a new goal; I will look ahead and go from here and when I find time I will catch up with the lost time.

I recently had to make myself a calendar of my weekly events going on. I cannot believe I have been trying to keep it in my head all of this time. I literally have an hour or two here and there during the weekdays that I can fit in for myself or to shop or clean, things that revolve directly around my family.
The other times I am working a small job in the mornings a three days a week, I babysit some adorable little girls a few times a week, I volunteer in both Hayden's and Brandon's classrooms three of the days. I wish I could be in Alyssa's too but I don't even know when I would.  I am pretty sure those are the set things, but there are always other things popping up. I honestly don't know what I would do if I also had to run the kids to after school activities. For now, I look forward to the after school time with them, even though it is so hard!! I just wish, as much as they do, that homework was not a factor. I just want to enjoy them, not the crankiness of more work after doing it at school all day. It's good though. What I do makes me happy and I am helping others in everything I do while helping myself at the same time. So, the schedule stays for now.

Today: I can not believe so much can happen in one day. It was a wonderful day though despite a few bad things happening. First off, Brandon needed PJ's to wear to school today. He has grown so much in the past year that he's outgrown all of the pairs that he had. So, I wrapped a ribbon around his Christmas PJ's and he got them a week early. I am so happy Justin had that idea because I was so worried about it and only wanted him to be happy and confident. It felt good to do that for him.

This afternoon I got a call from the school that I missed while I was working. It was Alyssa saying her tummy was still really hurting. I was taking popcorn up to Brandon's class for his party when we picked Hayden up from school so we just took medicine up for her tummy at the same time. We both hugged her and then walked her back to class. I didn't think anything of it. About a half hour later the office called for us to get her because she threw up in her classroom!! I felt horrible afterwards! I totally dismissed it. She later told me she only ate 5 bites of breakfast and one chip and a tiny mouse bite of cookie at lunch. If I had of asked her that earlier (like I normally would have) maybe I would have been a little more aware. When she got home I put her in a warm tubby and lit a few candles and turned off the lights and just sat and talked with her. She said that doing that was much better than her party she was missing at school. :) One of her best friends Birthday party is tomorrow morning too. I am so sad for her! She begged me for medicine, any medicine that will MAKE her better and everything go away so she can just go. So sad!!  She took a nap a little while later and still went to bed a little earlier than usual. Poor girl. They don't get sick often but when they do it breaks my heart.

Hayden: He has taken a liking to puzzles lately. He keeps doing this one over and over again. Another thing he does a lot is sing. I love to hear him sing. You know he's happy. Today he sat in the living room for well over an hour doing the puzzle and singing the entire time! It was the sweetest thing. He may be a little off key and loud at times. But, he makes our home feel so good when he sings.

I love those kids so much!! I wish I could have them all to myself and happy all of the time. We all know that neither of those will happen though. It's life. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

God Bless America

As I returned home from girls camp and resumed the life leading into wonderful Summer, I was kind of thrown into reality when I realized that a whole month of Summer came and went with a blink of an eye. I wanted to soak up every minute I could with my children at home with me without the busy structure of school.

That following Monday night was the 4th of July. It was simple and we spent time with just our own family. drove a few streets over to watch fireworks at Thanksgiving Point and everything surrounding us. It was a beautiful night. I remember thinking of the words to the National Anthem in my head that night and how blessed we are.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

At All Times, in All Things, and in All Places

I was called to be Young Women's Camp Director I believe in February.
It felt so good to serve with the Young Women again. I really have missed it.
I am so glad that it was at a stake level. It taught me a lot and prepared me a little more if I ever had to plan camp on my own. It's overwhelming how much actually goes into planning girls camp and how many months in advance you need to start.
Justin always asked why I had so many meetings and what there possibly was to talk about. :)
Even though Summer started in June, I was so busy that month wrapping up last minute camp things that we didn't have too much free time yet.
everyday life and all of your senses always brings you back to Christ.
Each day we focused on a sense and had devotionals and little less
This year was amazing! Seriously one of the best camp years I have ever been.
Our theme was "Come To Your Senses". I absolutely loved this theme. it was about that sense for the day and how it relates to the Gospel.
One of the Days we went to lake. It's a good mile or so hike from our campsite.
The weather was gorgeous but, the wind was picking up from a storm moving in.
We were most likely not going to be able to go out on the lake.
We all got together and prayed that we would be able to have this opportunity for the girls and for the wind to die down long enough for us to go out.
After that we sang, Our Saviors Love and went to get the life jackets on and went out on the Lake.
Sure enough the wind calmed, we spent the rest of our allowed time on the water and as soon as the last people came up the dock afterwards a huge gust of wind came through and stayed.
It was so windy we could hardly hear each other talk. Such a great example of how Heavenly Father does hear our prayers and no matter what it is, if it is important to us, it is to Him also.
It was a small miracle.
The sense for this Day was Hearing. It was amazing the things that happened that had to do with that. There were so many times this day that we all as a ward had to step back and just listen to each other. Emotions from the girls were running a little high.
We had a major Thunderstorm going on from after the time we left the lake through the night.
It was hard to sleep because of the Thunder and downpours. I love those storms though.
I was on the hiking committee with a few other leaders. I took charge of the 5 mile hike.
It was a great hike. It was nothing like what I have done in the past like...walking down a dirt road for a bit and going back.
It was up steep trails, climbing over and through fallen trees on the edge of a steep mountain.
I was so proud of all of the girls.
It was kind of hard at first if you weren't in shape.
It was so good to get to the top and see the awesome view of everything and see the look of accomplishment from everyone and then to hike downhill the rest of the way back.
We told the girls beforehand that they "Can Do Hard Things!" Everyone had a much better attitude after that. This day the Sense was Touch. As we hiked up the mountain we thought about our touch in a physical aspect and mental aspect, like how those around us have touched our lives and by all of the encouragement going on from everyone.
Earlier that day we did service projects for the camp.
Our group chopped, piled and moved wood.
Others filled wheel barrows and laid bark on the trails. It was all pretty physical but left a good feeling knowing we were helping to make this camp a better place.
Monday the Sense was Sight.
For FHE that night we had two surprise guests.
First, Hilary Weeks showed up with her family.
She was so wonderful to come be with us on a family night and share her time with us.
She told some wonderful stories and sang a few songs.
The real treat. as she put it, was Kris Belcher. She was amazing and funny.
She lost her sight completely from radiation when she was a child. It went perfect with the Sense for that day. She is an amazing person. It was wonderful to hear how she lives her everyday life and is so happy despite not having the gift of sight.
Here is a link for her story... It's not letting my highlight and link her name for some reason...
This day was just the kickoff for the rest of the week. It was one spiritual moment after another.
Thursday morning we woke up to it still raining. At one point there was hail. There were huge puddles everywhere. It got so cold we actually had to where our hats gloves and other layers.
My feet were numb.
We spent all morning in the pavilion.
During the devotional I look over towards our cabin and saw two moose, a larger one and it's youngen.
After the devotional our Stake Young Women's President asked us to go back to our cabins to work on our bookmarks and other things for a service pack that we were making for some kids in India. But, as we all get back to pray together and individually that the rain will stop so we can have the Faith walk that was planned for that night.
Thursday was also Bishops night and testimony meetings.
It was a big day and with the rain, not all of it could happen. Within a little bit of going back to the cabins the rain let up. Within about an hour, It completely stopped.
The puddles dried up and the rest of the day was wonderful. We could see the storm surrounding us the whole time, but it never came over us. I kept joking that we were the only dry spot in the area and the storm is circling around us. A few weeks later I heard from a few other stakes that left camp early that day because the rain never stopped and everything was getting too muddy and puddles everywhere. That confirmed another miracle to me. Heavenly Father does hear our prayers and he will make miracles happen if we have enough faith.
This day was Taste. Which was good. I thought that everything tasted so good after the cold and the rain. It was a beautiful day.
I am so thankful I had the opportunity to be a part of Girls camp.
Even our numbers were few this year. I saw their lives touched in a positive way that I hope they will always remember.
What an amazing group we had.
Love you girls!!!
(Our Safety Neon Green Sweatshirts is not what we thought we ordered. But, We grew to love them and they were kind of fun.)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Good Things Have To End

As the school year came to an end...
So did my time with my family close by.
My parents moved to Arizona the last days in May and left Heather with me for only a few weeks until Girls camp came and went. I wish I could have kept her with me forever. It's so hard not just having them here for me to pop in whenever. I would try and take as much time as possible with them. I am so happy for every moment the kids were able to spend time with them and build that relationship. It's not so fun when I'm bored now, I can't just get up and go hang out to do nothing but chat with my little sister or let the kids just play and wear out buddy. I must admit. It was easier on me moving away to Missouri and leaving them behind here then it was for me to be back here with them and having them leave me. I have always pondered the question, "Is it harder for the one leaving or the one being left?" They both have their own arguments and it might depend on the situation. I have been in both situations many times and still don't know the answer.
I love family! I am happy they aren't that far away.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

For the greatest DAD!
So easily loved because of the good times, laughs, love, hugs, guidance and being so great.
We all love him so much!
I am so happy we have Fathers' Day to celebrate all of the wonderful Fathers out there who work so hard and don't always get all of the appreciation and glory that they deserve.
Thank you for being so wonderful.
With Love.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last Week Of School

Alyssa's Classroom
Program for Parents

The Tootie Tot dance.
They had their own lines to read and sang a few different songs about what they learned.
The last song was so sweet and it made Ms. Christensen cry and I almost came to tears.
This was a wonderful year! We loved Ms. Christensen!! She was a perfect teacher for Alyssa. They are so much alike and I felt that she understood her well. That helped Alyssa to get further. If only we could take the teacher with as they get older. Business Day For the 3rd Grade
The last days of school the 3rd graders need to come up with a business and they get to go around and use the fake money they earned throughout the year to buy each others goods.
It was pretty cool to see what everyone came up with. There were hair flowers a girls made, games with treats, face painting. Cotton candy, a picture station that prints off your pictures right there.
Someone even brought little gold fish to sale! There was so much more!
Brandon decided to sale snow cones. Of course I did a lot of the work of making them, but he did help. I just let him have a chance to go around to the other booths.
Hayden was my other little helper.
We will definitely miss Mrs. Clark.
She is such an amazing kicked back but in control teacher.
She is so good with the kids.
She is so fun, but there is no messing around with her there.
She is the ultimate best teachers.
She is moving on to bigger and better things though.
I am so happy we had her this past year.
Dance Festival
Brandon's class used the song from the Beach Boys, Surfin' in the USA.

After Christmas break I started going in to read with the early birds in Brandon's class 3 days a week. I loved being able to volunteer and help them learn and grow and to watch each of them do so. I couldn't believe how far some of the kids came in those 5 months of reading.
It was fun to get to know them see them open up.
I wanted to do something small for them and reward them for their accomplishments.
I decided to make bookmarks. The lady bugs for the girls and the Dr. Seuss Lego background for the boys. They were a big hit.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Field Days

Field Day is not what I remember it being when I was little.
I wish our kids could experience it the way that I did.
They had only a 2.5 hr. block of their day for field day.
I know at the last school it did take up the entire day.
I guess it's all just preference on the school.
They had fun though. Brandon's day was a little hard. It was cooler, but sunny and super windy.
It made holding onto that parachute quite a chore.
Three legged race is so much harder than it looks.
Alyssa's Day was really hot, over cast and not much of a breeze.
It made it a perfect day to have an otter pop though.What's better than sidewalk chalk as a little kid, while at school.
There were some fun drawings.Team Work!
Potato Sack races!
It's so fun to be able to help out at school with my kids and get to see them during the fun activities.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I love that I am able to be a mother and to my three beautiful children who
make me who I am. I love these little ones so much!!
On Mother's Day we went to my parents house for dinner.
I am sad now that I look back and did not get a picture with my Mom.
I don't know the last picture I took with her.
I am happy that I was able to share this special day with her though.
I love my Mother for all that she does and strives to be.
I took these pictures that following Monday.
It made me think of all the beauty that surrounds us in the month of Mother's day.
Spring is amazing. I love it!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Being gone the week before, Easter sure snuck up on me.
We died eggs but I can't find my pictures for that.
We did have a few fun eggs hunts and spent some fun time with cousins and the rest of the family.

Boys stopping to watch a movie in the middle of playing.

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