Saturday, December 17, 2011

All In A Day

To say the last six months have been busy is an understatement. I say six because that is how far behind I am in trying to catch up with lost posts I want on my blog. It overwhelms me and I end up just not posting. So, for myself, I have a new goal; I will look ahead and go from here and when I find time I will catch up with the lost time.

I recently had to make myself a calendar of my weekly events going on. I cannot believe I have been trying to keep it in my head all of this time. I literally have an hour or two here and there during the weekdays that I can fit in for myself or to shop or clean, things that revolve directly around my family.
The other times I am working a small job in the mornings a three days a week, I babysit some adorable little girls a few times a week, I volunteer in both Hayden's and Brandon's classrooms three of the days. I wish I could be in Alyssa's too but I don't even know when I would.  I am pretty sure those are the set things, but there are always other things popping up. I honestly don't know what I would do if I also had to run the kids to after school activities. For now, I look forward to the after school time with them, even though it is so hard!! I just wish, as much as they do, that homework was not a factor. I just want to enjoy them, not the crankiness of more work after doing it at school all day. It's good though. What I do makes me happy and I am helping others in everything I do while helping myself at the same time. So, the schedule stays for now.

Today: I can not believe so much can happen in one day. It was a wonderful day though despite a few bad things happening. First off, Brandon needed PJ's to wear to school today. He has grown so much in the past year that he's outgrown all of the pairs that he had. So, I wrapped a ribbon around his Christmas PJ's and he got them a week early. I am so happy Justin had that idea because I was so worried about it and only wanted him to be happy and confident. It felt good to do that for him.

This afternoon I got a call from the school that I missed while I was working. It was Alyssa saying her tummy was still really hurting. I was taking popcorn up to Brandon's class for his party when we picked Hayden up from school so we just took medicine up for her tummy at the same time. We both hugged her and then walked her back to class. I didn't think anything of it. About a half hour later the office called for us to get her because she threw up in her classroom!! I felt horrible afterwards! I totally dismissed it. She later told me she only ate 5 bites of breakfast and one chip and a tiny mouse bite of cookie at lunch. If I had of asked her that earlier (like I normally would have) maybe I would have been a little more aware. When she got home I put her in a warm tubby and lit a few candles and turned off the lights and just sat and talked with her. She said that doing that was much better than her party she was missing at school. :) One of her best friends Birthday party is tomorrow morning too. I am so sad for her! She begged me for medicine, any medicine that will MAKE her better and everything go away so she can just go. So sad!!  She took a nap a little while later and still went to bed a little earlier than usual. Poor girl. They don't get sick often but when they do it breaks my heart.

Hayden: He has taken a liking to puzzles lately. He keeps doing this one over and over again. Another thing he does a lot is sing. I love to hear him sing. You know he's happy. Today he sat in the living room for well over an hour doing the puzzle and singing the entire time! It was the sweetest thing. He may be a little off key and loud at times. But, he makes our home feel so good when he sings.

I love those kids so much!! I wish I could have them all to myself and happy all of the time. We all know that neither of those will happen though. It's life. 


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