Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Good Things Have To End

As the school year came to an end...
So did my time with my family close by.
My parents moved to Arizona the last days in May and left Heather with me for only a few weeks until Girls camp came and went. I wish I could have kept her with me forever. It's so hard not just having them here for me to pop in whenever. I would try and take as much time as possible with them. I am so happy for every moment the kids were able to spend time with them and build that relationship. It's not so fun when I'm bored now, I can't just get up and go hang out to do nothing but chat with my little sister or let the kids just play and wear out buddy. I must admit. It was easier on me moving away to Missouri and leaving them behind here then it was for me to be back here with them and having them leave me. I have always pondered the question, "Is it harder for the one leaving or the one being left?" They both have their own arguments and it might depend on the situation. I have been in both situations many times and still don't know the answer.
I love family! I am happy they aren't that far away.

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