Friday, July 4, 2008

Just me and the boys

While Alyssa was away I had a lot of fun one on one time with my boys. We didn't do a whole lot, but it was fun. We went out to eat and for treats.  
We played a lot of board games like..... 
that we normally can't play yet with with a little sister who doesn't quite get it yet. 
We went on fun walks to the dock to throw rocks in the water. (the boys could sit and do this for hours!) 
We went on car rides and rescued a huge toad from almost becoming one with the road.
on a side note:
On this same car ride I had a good conversation with Brandon. 
B: Mom. Can we go to the gas station and get bug juice?
Me: No, it is Sunday, we do not shop on Sunday's. 
B: But, it's not shopping and it's not a store it's just the gas station. 
Me: A gas station is a store and you have to buy, or pay for anything you get there. 
B: Oh. (kind of confused)
Played at their favorite pirate ship park!
They got to go to spend some quality time with dad and then go to friends houses all day
while mom got some much needed time off from mommy duties to refresh.
I am sure there are other things I did not include. It was a good time spent with them.

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