Friday, July 25, 2008

fun playtime with the kids

I didn't realize how busy this week was going to be until it just happened. 
Monday morning first thing we left to Becca and Matt's 
house to help out after Becca spent all 
day Sunday in the hospital trying to figure out what her pain was. 
We played a lot with Izzy and Alex.
We went to Powder Valley  and had a picnic, walked a trail and 
played with all of the fun animal stuff inside the center.

Everyone tuckered out from the long .5 mile walk.

Hayden, Alyssa and Alex

We had some really fun dancing time! 

More dancing.... 

Brandon performing a song for us.
(That huge flower is his microphone)

Lots of jumping!
They were using the trampoline as a slip and slide.

More water time.

Showing off

The kids all helped to lead the closing song during family home evening.


We always have a fun time there. I am glad we live close enough that we can just get up and go in almost a moments notice. 
Now as we come home from being  gone all week Justin left out of town for work for 4 days! We have all missed him. 
The kids are going to be excited to see him come Monday night. 

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Melanie said...

How fun! I feel like this whole summer has flown by! The boys and I have been on 1 adventure after another! Lots of stuff to do during the summer! They can't wait until this weekend for Bear Lake! But school starts in 3 1/2 weeks!! Is your sister ok?

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