Saturday, August 2, 2008

Camp, and more camping

Friday night we went camping as a family and with some friends. I was recalling the last time we went all together and it had been just over 3 years or so because I was pregnant with Hayden and Alyssa was tiny and i remember it being soooo freezing cold at night. 
It was quite the opposite here last night. It was soooo HOT! Summer temperatures have finally really settled in here. 

Here is our view of part of the lake from our camp site

Alyssa and Brandon were way too excited about having that water so close.
Brandon took his shoes right off and went and stood on the little shore there. 
I soon heard his cries for help when he couldn't move! 

Skyla, Alyssa, Brandon and Hayden

eating bananas, waiting for dinner

Caleb and Skyla roasting marshmallows

Lisa, Hayden and baby Canyon

We all went swimming in the lake that evening. 
This is Hayden's first time back in the water after his accident.
He was very clingy and a little nervous. 
Mom couldn't even take him away from dad.
Justin was good at getting him to loosen up a bit.

The kids all loved laying in the hammock Raylene and Caleb brought.

Alyssa was so excited about all of the butterflies
all around us. 

Dad sharing a butterfly
A lone duck wandered over to us
so we shared a little bread with it
and the little fish too.

Skyla's holding a small box turtle her mom and dad found on the road
everyone wanted to hold it
It was a different experience to camp in Missouri, but besides a little crankiness from kids and the heat, it was fun. We had many more visitors at night to our spot. as the camp fire died down and it was really dark, we started seeing little eyes every where in the bushes staring out at us. I turned around and a raccoon was about 10 feet away from us, 
he didn't seam to mind us being there. 
We had fun with Caleb, Raylene and the kids even though they had to take the little ones home to sleep. They made it back the next morning for breakfast and to have a little fun swimming time in the lake. camping with a 4 month old a two year old in those temps is not easy. I didn't get a single picture of Raylene! She was able to go up to the girls camp just 5 min. away Fri. night for a bit. I decided to stay since this was the first time 
together as a family for almost 2 weeks.
We are hoping to do another camp out in a month or two when it has cooled off a lot!

Girls Camp

This past Wednesday I was able to spend the entire day up at girls camp. Thank you to Justin once again for coming through for me. I was not able to go as a leader, so it was good to be able to be there for a small part of it. It also helped that it was only a 30 min. drive. 
It was great to be able to just choose where I wanted to go and not have anything that I was supposed to be doing. It rained ALL day long! Thank goodness it wasn't pouring or lightning, it was just a steady nice rain. So, it did make it very wet, but it felt so good out. It really beat the heat! I went on a very short hike (more like a walk)  with the 3rd yrs. then the rest of the day was just certification then free time. Among those things I was talked into going swimming with them in the lake, and in the rain! It was actually fun to be swimming in the rain and the water was so much warmer than the air. 
A funny story.......
I almost forgot! I was almost in trouble for using my cell phone at camp!! I snuck outside of a building to call Justin about the boating the next day, and two leaders were close by giving me a look. When I was done I knew what they were thinking... I said I just had to call my husband real quick. They told me I didn't look old enough to have a husband! They thought I was 16!!! I just laughed and told them well, I am 29 and have 3 kids! It was a good laugh. 
That is why I should wear makeup to girls camp I guess. (not that it would help my height any)
I stayed through dinner and the talent show that night and then hung out until bed time about 10:30. It was a long day but it was good. 
Justin even got to be a little part of girls camp this year by 
driving the boat for them all day Thursday. 
I am sure that was tough on him! (ha ha)
Sorry not really any pics to post. I didn't get to be in many of the shots. 


rlsecor said...

I have missed hearing from you this week - although I feel good knowing that you are not too overstressed, alone, frustrated with the kids or bored! I am glad that you have had some good family time - you need that so much! How did your kids do going to sleep? I can't imagine camping with our kids - we are a bunch of wusses-sp? wooses?

Jill said...

Looks like you had fun camping with the Cottles!!!!!!

Sounds like girlscamp was fun too. Bummer about the rain. Thanks for posting so I could read it :) I'm sure the girls loved having you there!!

Liz said...

Thats funny about the cell phone. At the family ward on Sunday ... One of the leaders there said she got yelled at for talking on her phone too! They thought she was youth!

Heather said...

Okay so all your kids are cute, but Alyssa is SO gorgeous! You are going to have to watch her in a few years!

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