Monday, August 25, 2008

Time to play!

Today was perfect outside! I could not pass up the kids playing outside after school. 
The plan was for them to ride bikes on the driveway while I worked in the kitchen and watch through the door. Well, not the case... 
The whole neighborhood actually came out, which was good. They all played so well together.
They were doing all kinds of pretend play and one of the best was to see them all line up for a race! 
Hayden was in the back, but man can he haul on that bike! 
Alyssa did some of her normal digging through the dirt and catching bugs. She had a grass hopper and excitedly ran to show the boys and the second it jumped out of her hand the oldest boy stomped on it and smooshed it! She bawled forever. By then she was done. She was soooo sad. Poor girl, she loves all living things, not when there life is taken out of them. (as she says) 
 It's so good to get them outside to get out there energy.  

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Jill said...

Fun! I could hear all the kids over there...I asked Tanner if he wanted to go play and he was being a party pooper. He is so funny. I know he would have had fun...I just have to drag him places until he realizes it's fun!!!!

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