Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun with Heather

My awesome little sister Heather came out to stay for a bit.
I only had her a few days, while she was staying at my other sisters for most of the time, 
but it was fun as usual to be together.
We introduced her to Miner Mikes
And introduced her to the young women in my ward. And a few of them loved her so much they had to hang out with her again...
Shopping at the mall and another night of shopping... along with
a raid of my closet shopping which I think she scored the most in.
We went swimming
Hayden's new cheesy, cheese smile
Alyssa pouting over something
poor thing gets her feelings hurt so easy
you know she's a girl
Fun at the castle
I seem to take everyone here but it is just so beautiful
I can't help it.
 (and really there isn't that much to do here)
If it's not a little butterfly or bug it's a tiny purple flower, or something....
We decided to something a little different too and take a different path besides the flat sidewalk along the lake. We ended hiking down this long path in flip flops and then I had to piggy back Alyssa back up because she got blisters.
I think I will stick to the well known path next time when I am not fully prepared.
I am missing some pictures, but, Saturday we took Heather back to Becca's and upon arrival we saw her and the kids beautiful hand made sign that said Happy b-day Alyssa! 
She was so happy to get more Ponies! Can you tell? 
More water fun, there is never too much of this during Summer!
we actually filled up a cooler full of water balloons, but they went so fast when they started to use them I missed the whole thing and pictures!
They were all gone in under a minute!
Thanks for all of the fun times Secor's! we always have fun at their house.
And I will miss you so much Heather! It's hard going this long without seeing you! I am so glad we had some time together. 

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