Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School

(These pictures were all four in a square when I was posting them) ?

Left/Top: pic from Feb. 2008 
Right/Bottom: Meet the teacher night 
             Aug. 2008 
Yesterday was the first day back at school.  The Summer was not short enough for Brandon because he would ask almost everyday when would he get to go back to school.
The day finally arrived and he was still excited! In fact, he was so excited, he came walking into my bedroom at 6:30 AM!! completely dressed in what he picked out, backpack on, shoes on, he was ready to go.... Well, almost, I had to remind him to eat, comb his hair and brush his teeth. 
Just a few details, it was fun to see his excitement.
Today he was up just as early except he learned a little from yesterday and brushed his teeth and did his hair, he thought he was going to skip breakfast.
I hope he keeps this excitement all year.
Alyssa started preschool this year! She is growing up so fast!
I am so glad she gets to go because she really needs more to challenge her during the day than I feel I can do. She has been so excited for this and I know she will love it. She was so sad she couldn't get on the bus with Brandon yesterday morning and have had several more demands to ride the bus.
She goes in the afternoon for 3 hours, 4 days a week. She only has about 8 other kids in her class so she should be able to get to know them well. She eats in lunch in the cafeteria right when we get there so we get to see Brandon in the afternoon when we drop her off. The kids are so cute and little carry those big trays of food!
Brandon and his teacher Mrs. Hughes.
1st Grade
Alyssa and her Preschool teacher 
Mrs. Sarah


Melanie said...

Oh cute! They are growing up! I can't believe it! I can believe Sassy is 4, for one thing. I bet Hayden is lonely in the afternoons with his brother and sister gone! But that's great 1 on 1 time for you guys. School starts for us tomorrow! I can't believe 3 of my 4 kids will be in school!!

Melanie said...

Sorry, I meant I CAN'T believe Sassy is 4!! Oopsy!

Hollie Hanson said...

Man alive school... so far away for me.. :) LOL Looks like they are so excited to go! I can't believe how nig sassy has gotten!

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