Sunday, August 24, 2008

this past week

This was the kids first week in school. I myself need to come up with a new strategy.........  I really thought I would get a lot more done with two gone, but, this week has proved me wrong so far. Hopefully the following weeks will prove to be better. 
So, onto the kids, they are loving school. 
Alyssa can't get enough of it. She already has a best friend, and she talks about school all of the time, asks when she gets to go again, and tells me every single detail of her day. I love having a girl in school. I even learned every gory detail of the toilet flooding, twice! in her classroom. I confirmed this with her teacher and she just laughed and said it was all true. 
She was so mad at me when I told her Wednesday's she doesn't have school and told me I'm lying and went to Justin for a second opinion. She was still asking me today if she could just go to school on Wednesday. She begs to ride the bus day after day, Kindergarten is too far away for her..... 
I don't ever get as much out of Brandon. I am lucky if I get my three requests. I have a rule that he just tells me 3 things about his day, sometimes I just find out about recess, lunch and PE. Other times he expounds on it a little more a little later on at night. I just have to learn that I will never know as much of what happens with my boys when they are away, it's just in there nature to not talk much and especially add all of those little details. 
He really likes school and everything about it.  
This past Wednesday my little bro got his mission call! 
I am so excited for him! 
He is called to serve as a full time missionary for 2 years 
for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints   In the Lubbock Texas Mission. 
He reports to the MTC (missionary training center) in the end of October. He's going to be great!
He was so funny waiting for it to come. I know it's been a very long hard process getting everything settled to just get his papers in.
He then was waiting for it and I got a call/ or a text a few weeks ago from him trying to figure out if the whole family could get on the phone that evening because he was so sure it was going to be there that day! Of course it wouldn't show up when you expect it to! I think it was only a week later it showed up.
Love you Mike!

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