Friday, August 15, 2008


4 places I visit often:
1. The park
2. Target
3. Miner Mikes
4. The post office 4 People Who call or e-mail me often: 1. Justin 2. sis, Liz 3. bro. Mike 4. My sis Heather 4 Places I'd rather be: 1. Some place without humidity 2. The beach 3. with Justin, anywhere 4. ? 4 movies I'd watch over and over again! 1. Sweet Home Alabama 2. Pirates of The Carribean
3. . ? 4. I really can't think of any, but I am sure I will remember once I post this 4 Favorite Foods: 1. Chicken Marsala from Olive Garden 2. Olive Garden Salad! 3. Burrito and Rice from Cafe Rio 4. Ferrero Chocolates mmmmm 4 Favorite Hobbies 1. I don't really have hobbies but things I enjoy...
2. I enjoy painting unfinished projects 3. making new things (decor type stuff) 4. Hiking (when the weather is nice) 4 People I'm tagging: 1. Mollie 2. Becca 3. Heidi 4. Heather G.

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