Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time together

I love weekends because it usually means we get to spend some family time together after a long week of school and work or just the busyness that seems to happen. Even if it means running errands or such, having the family all together turns a boring chore into a fun outing. This weekend was no exception. I woke up with plans of Justin going to basketball but before he left I would take Brandon and Myka and go for a quick walk. We would watch the first session of conference then go to Arts in The Park with the kids. then go from there..... 
None of this happened. At least not in that order. Instead, we all got into the car, even Myka and went up to Justin's work to do some last minute preparations before he leaves on a camping trip all next week for work.
One of the more fun errands was to take a short ride to the pumps
 to make sure the boat had gas for the trip.
We soon learned that Myka loves the boat and was so calm and relaxed the entire time.
I am sure the nice cool breeze helped. It was another beautiful day!
After the work was all done in the office we went on a drive to record mileage. It's a beautiful drive through our state parks and let everyone out to stretch their legs for a bit and skip rocks across the water. 
We then had a trip to Petco where we saw the kids usual favorites... turtles, fish, and various rodents....
We finally made it to Arts in the Park for the last little bit.
being so late we missed a lot of the days activities. They served lunch and desert, had all kinds of crafts to make, face painting, places to share your own talents, clowns making balloon animals for the kids, a fun little walk through maze, some hands on learning activities.
 I think my kids favorites were the ponies, donkey's, alpacas, some small dogs 
and rabbits that they could hold the leashes to (except the bunnies) 
and walk around with and pet and hold.
Alyssa loved trying to have conversations with a pony in it's own language.
The best of it all is that it was all free! it was great.  They held this to support families spending time together and build self esteem. 
So, we missed most of the day of conference talks but, I am sure glad I could go home and listen to what I missed on the internet! I love being outdoors and being there with my family. It keeps everyone in a better mood being outside and wears off a lot of bottled up energy the kids would have otherwise.
I love my husband and all of my kids. I love having the time to be together.


April said...

That sounds like so much fun! I didn't know you guys had gotten another boat. I bet it will be fun to have the puppy go with! I need to re-listen to all of conference. I heard it all but couldn't manage to let it all sink in. :)

Lisa said...

Yeah, The boats not ours, although knowing Justin you know he wishes we had one. It belongs to his work. It was probably a one time thing with the pup, but it was fun to see him on it.

rlsecor said...

Good Day!!!! It is amazing how much happier we are as a family too when we spend a lot of time outside together. Not today though, Mom is too sick.

Alex really wanted to come see you guys and I told her we had to wait 'til our next paycheck 'cuz we didn't have any money. Then she see's 2 quarters, a nickle and a penny and says "look Mom there's some money, now we can go to Alyssa's - woo hoo!"

Hollie Hanson said...

How fun. Yeah, I bet Justin wishes it was his too :) LOL Happy Late Birthday Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was way sick yesterday so sorry I didn't call. I will try to today after our ultrasound.
i can't believe how much the kids have grown in the last year. Especially Hayden!
Miss you guys!

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