Monday, October 27, 2008

Ha-Ha Halloween Fun

A few of the pumpkins on display on the trail
This weekend we had more fun Halloween activities.
At Ha Ha Tonka they had a walk way up to the castle lined with around 100 pumpkins,
and scary things hanging from the branches of the trees
and other cool Halloween decor.
We enjoyed Hot Apple Cider (which was really just a little warm)
And of course....
Making yummy smores!
Daddy and Hayden, and Hayden's pose for "take my picture!"
Brandon's eye's are on fire like the dragons'.
They also had ghost tales, been bag toss and little prizes, and a small craft for the kids. 
Alyssa is always so terrified with anything scary that has to do with Halloween. She starts to cry in the store before we are even close the the aisles if she spots it.
So she keeps her distance, while the boys love it!

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Keirsten said...

I remember going to Ha Ha tonka castle one spring break. Sounds like you guys are making some fun Halloween memories!

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