Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Babe

Wednesday was Justin's Birthday.
Happy Birthday!
Since he was away camping with the kids from work we had to go to him.
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.
We went and found him at the camp site and hung out for a bit and walked Myka around with the kids then went to get a quick bite of food so we could hurry and get him back. 
We took him his most favorite treat I make... magic layered cookie bars.
I had to post these of him to show his true personality. 
Every photo session goes something like this. He is just one of the kids. He always try's to make people laugh. 
We were all happy we could still see each other and that he wasn't too far away.
I think the kids are way more excited about birthdays than we are as we get older.
This was good timing for his birthday... Thanks for this good Tag Jill it was good to use.
A little about Justin.......

Spouse Tag

1. Where did we meet?      That's not a simple answer. But can be summed up....
We met in 90' to 1991 in Kansas where our families were in the same ward at church. I was only there for a year.
We then ran into each other at UVSC in Utah at a fireside where we exchanged phone numbers to only wait another 6 months before seeing each other again at the Provo Tabernacle at another fireside, where we then finally came together. 
2. How long did we date before we married?  6 months
3. How long have we been married? 8 years
4. He surprises me by.... doing many little (sometimes big) things for me.  
5. My favorite feature of him is.... His eyes and his smile  (sometimes they go together) :)
6. His nicknames for me are... Hunny, Mamajama, 
7. His favorite food... Prime Rib
8. His favorite sport ....  Wake boarding and Football 
9. Where was our first kiss?  At my apartment by the front door in Provo.
10. Our favorite thing to do? Probably to watch movies or tv shows together when the kids are asleep and just be together.
11. Any children?
Three. Brandon, Alyssa and Hayden
12. Any hidden talents? Hmmm.... his ability to connect with people. ,  building things out of wood... I'm sure there's more 
13. How old is he? 32
14. Who said I love you first?  He did!
15. Favorite type of music? mostly alternative, his favorite at the moment is Angels & Airwaves 
16. I admire him most for.... his hard work in all that he does, and love, care and concern for his family.
17. Do I think he'll read this? Definitely
My little sis Heather shares the same Birthday! Happy Birthday girl! 
You're awesome! And we love ya! Happy 14th!

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