Thursday, September 25, 2008

Family night in the classroom

Many expressions from our sweet little girl
Monday night was family night at the preschool.
Mrs. Sarah wanted to show the families in a short version of what they do everyday.
It was fun to see Alyssa in her school setting and how she interacts with the other kids.
When they first come into the classroom after eating in the cafeteria,
they find their name on the carpet and practice their letters and tell the teacher each letter in their name. It wasn't as easy once the letters were mixed up.
She has been talking about a beanie bag dance, so I finally got to find out what it was.
It's a song that you sing while putting the bean bag on your head, foot, back etc... and try not to let it drop.
There are several areas they get to choose from everyday to play.
This is one of Alyssa's favorites. 
She has a new painting almost everyday.
She loves art and pretend play the most.
She loves going outside to play and her "job" of the day that they get to pick such as, line leader, caboose, teachers assistant, etc....
They are learning some really fun songs and using sign language and Spanish with a lot of what they do. She is learning so much! 
She is still very much loving school, so much in fact, that she turned down a special outing with the whole family to stay at school!


Jill said...

That is so awesome. It sounds like such a fabulous school :)

Hollie Hanson said...

She has gotten so big. We sure miss you guys!

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