Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayden

We celebrated Hayden's day of Birth on Sunday.
Here are just a few pics from past memories. 3 is still so little and time has gone by fast but, I look back at these times and it seams like forever ago. Hayden was such a good baby! I couldn't have asked for better.  Hayden loves people and is so good at making others feel good. He gets along so good with Brandon and Alyssa (for the most part). Him and Alyssa are such good friends and hug and kiss when they say good bye. I think Hayden will be the peacemaker in our family. Hayden loves anything that goes! Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, just to name a few.... His favorite thing to do is to ride Brandon's, or Alyssa's Bikes. He is so good at it. He is so adventurous in all that he does. 
This little guy is growing and changing so much this past year! He is so fun! He definitely takes after his dad in that he always gives everyone a good laugh from his silliness or him just laughing so hard at something simple that it makes everyone else laugh.
He was so cute when we sang to him, he sang right along with us. Everyone that told him Happy Birthday, he said it right back to them. He didn't quite get that. He knows he is three now, but sometimes he'll say, 2 , 3 . 
He was so fun opening presents, I think he enjoys opening more than finding out what's inside. As soon as he would have one open he would look at the present quickly then just as fast being asking for "next present". 
We love you our little Hayden! 
I (or somebody) lost my camera!!! So these fuzzy pictures off of my phone are all that I have....... 


Melanie said...

He's looking more like Brandon every time I see him!! Happy Birthday Hayden!!

Jill said...

Those pictures are so cute, and his little personality is adorable. He is one of the cutest kids ever!!
Happy birthday to him!!

Hollie Hanson said...

Happy late Bday Hayden! Holy cow he is like a mini Brandon. That is so cute.

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