Sunday, June 15, 2008

The dad's in our lives....

(I started this on Sunday and didn't get it posted, so here it is.....) 

I started thinking about all of the amazing dad's I have known in my life. There are way too many to list them by name, but there is my husband, my dad, uncles, brother-in laws, grandfather's, and all of our friends and just people we know.

My Justin is an amazing dad! My kids love him so much. He is always good at spending quality time with them and just being a kid with them and making things fun. All three of them love being with him.I did a video of the kids and asked them a bunch of questions about their dad. (I don't know how to post it sorry)  It was fun to hear what they thought. Hayden was all shy and kept saying "I don't know" until he finally just said "Petco" because he likes to go there with dad and see the turtles. And he loves to go bye bye  anywhere in the truck.  It is obvious that Hayden loves his daddy because he is way more attached to him than his mommy. That is okay though. 

The others had answers about, their favorite things they like about him, to do with him,  etc.... like.....   
    when dad takes me to get ice cream,  petco,  to the park, to see a 
movie ( just me and dad not        Alyssa or Hayden)....
     when he snuggles me and tickles me and makes funny faces and makes me laugh. 
     when he gives me hugs
     he takes me to get a bug juice at the gas station. 
     Brandon said he is 19 yrs old, 500 lbs. with blind or bland hair, blue eyes. 
      Alyssa said he is 6 yrs old with black hair, brown eyes. 

That is all I remember now. 
It was really fun to do with them.

My dad is also great! I did a post not long ago on his birthday that you can see here.
 And my sister did a wonderful post on my dad that I agree 
with all that she said. (of course it all doesn't have to do with me but for the most part)  here.

Thanks to all of the wonderful dads out there that chose to be a dad and for being in our lives.  
Dads are amazing!  Happy Father's Day! 


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rlsecor said...

GREAT post Lis! Great pic too! I looked everywhere - thought for sure I had a picture of Dad from their visit? Guess I need to see what you have on fototime that I missed.
LYLAS oh yeah, you are my sis!

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