Monday, June 9, 2008

One Year!

Taken with my phone.... This was the last family get together before Kelsey and Laura left out on there new journey in life a year ago also!
Last night we were talking with some friends and it just clicked with me that it was exactly one year ago that our whole family moved here.

I still remember my thoughts and feellings and what happened that night as we came into town......
I was a little excited to start a new adventure in our lives, but nervous and sad and scared to be in this very strange, very smallish town, (someone once told me it was too big for them ha,ha) after living in cities my whole life.
The kids were wonderful the entire trip up to the last 45 minutes or so Hayden just had enough! He was done! It was fine because this was the only time I could remember him crying the entire trip. It took us two full days. Thank goodness for dual DVD players!

Even traveling with the two cats was good. We finally rolled into the neighborhood right about 10:00 pm.
It was so dark! That is all I remembered is how dark it was. and Justin driving the huge Uhaul in front of me turning onto our street, I was actually kind of nervous, Our streets are very narrow and are really meant for one car, and there was a ditch on one side and it was a big hill! It at least seamed big to me because I was used to no hills. Then pulling into the driveway was another hill!

The best part was stepping out of the car. The moment I opened my door and the air hit my face, I just wanted to get back in the car and stay there. The air was so thick and it was so HOT! I felt like I couldn't breathe. I knew the humidity would be bad but it was a shock. I guess for some reason I thought it would not be so bad at night after the sun went down. I guess I just didn't know how it worked. Then, the bugs! They were swarming everywhere.
That really was the worst part. I always think it is fun to get to your house and go in and explore it for the first time. This was the first time with the kids that we had to do this.

For some reason Justin has always moved into every place we have lived before I have. Well, except "our" house, we were together on that one. I guess that is not too many though, this is the 5th place we have lived in the past 7.5 years.

After exploring everything the kids hunger set in and realized they needed a snack. As I was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, I heard voices out in the garage, I really thought nothing of it. I just figured it was the neighbors coming over to say hi. ( I couldn't really even see the neighbors houses because they are so far apart and the darkness.) I still sat there doing my thing when a women walked through the door and said hi, I looked up with a smile and said hi, but kind of confused wondering if my husband was going to introduce me or what.... when I pulled my head together and realized it was my own sister standing in the doorway!!! Boy I must have been tired! That gave me a good laugh though.
I kind of forgot about her family coming because she wasn't going to even be there until the next day. It was such a wonderful surprise. I am really glad they could come and be with us our first few nights in our home and help us get all moved in. It was much better having mattresses to sleep on rather than the floor the first night. even though it was a late night.
the next morning when I could actually see everything, it was really beautiful.

This past year has been really fun. We really don't have a whole lot to do around here, but we have a whole lot of outdoors, if you can handle the extreme heat in the Summer or cold in the Winter. We have really enjoyed getting to know so many people here and have made some really great friends. I will be sad and it will be hard to say goodbye when the time comes.

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