Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer: some random thoughts

I have really enjoyed the weather the past few days. It has just been beautiful. It is really cool in the morning then warms up in the afternoon. But, the best part of it is the humidity is low enough that long periods of time outside is not a problem.  It has been great. 

  This is how I love summer. I have always loved summer, It normally is my favorite time of the year. I love the sun and the warmth, playing in the water and you can do so much more in the summer than in winter. 
 This is one reason I chose the background of our blog that we have now. It makes me think of Summer, also, the other reason is I really love palm trees. I don't know why, I just always have. I grew up in Arizona and they are everywhere there and they are just so different from every other tree. They are kind of exotic and fun looking. I know it's just a tree! But, I love nature and just about everything in it, so it really stands out to me. 
These are a few pics from Hawaii in 2005
 I love the beach too. I have only been to a beach a few times in my life. In fact, the first time ever was.... When I was 17, I went to Mexico with my best friend Rachel. It was so fun. I remember waking up early and seeing and hearing the dolphins. I had a lot of fun. 
Then to the real coast line after I was married we just walked along the shore in California. Then, in Hawaii 3 years ago I really got to be on the beach and play in the water and really get a taste of the "real" beach. 
It is just a peaceful, carefree feeling to be on a beach listening to the rolling waves and the sea life, & palm trees all around you. I just love it!  

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