Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brandon's school

This summer is already going by way too fast! 
Brandon was able to do Summer school academy. 
He had so much fun. It was great because, he picked the classes, they were all fun, he was able to ride the bus, it was only half days, and best of all it was free! 
His first class was storybook cooking- they read books and also learned how to cook different things. On his first day they made smoothies, other things were... pancakes, noodles, pizza's. I don't ever get the full story from him. It comes with having a boy I think. 
2nd-Spanish fiesta- he learned Spanish while doing some really fun activities.
3rd- Make-it-take-it- They made all kinds of crafts and did 
other really fun activities. 

Today his Spanish fiesta class had a family fiesta. All of the families were invited to see what they learned and play some fun games with the kids, all in Spanish

First all of the kids greeted each on of the parents with a hand shake and in Spanish they welcomed us and told their name. 
We played Simon Dice. (Simon sais)  

Played musical chairs....  

and they did the macarina with the 
months of the year.

At the end the kids hit a pinata 
and we had punch and sopapillas.

I am really glad he could do this. What a great thing to 
have for the kids. He really has enjoyed it. Tomorrow is the last day. 
But he gets to just enjoy his summer vacation 
now for the next 1.5 months! 


Melanie said...

Sounds like fun!! We have had such a fun summer, too!! Every day is a party! This year all 3 big boys will be in school! It's hard! I love spending all day with them!! Oh well, I think I can make do :o)

littleREEDwriting said...

Awesome! Sounds fun! We'll have meet up again in September when we go to Kansas City!!

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