Monday, June 2, 2008

Family and friends weekend

This weekend we had a little fun family getaway to KC.
Mike and Melissa were so nice to let us stay with with them, Thank you! They have such a cute little family. Cole is a cutie.
The night we got in we had to let the kids run their little legs tired, We took them to a mall and they all laid down like this. Alyssa was pretending to make snow angels? She does this everywhere though, in the grass, dirt, etc... We took them to a park afterwards, They kept trying to roll side ways down the ramps in the mall like they were grass hills.

This is Natalie, Alyssa and Hayden

We ate at this yummy, yummy restaurant called Cinzetti's. We met with all of our friends Jacob, Rob, Kelly, Kiersten, Jennifer & Natalie , Joseph, Justin, Lisa and Hayden. Chris was helping Brandon take the picture and Tara was at her recital. Sorry it's not so great that back lighting doesn't help. These boys all grew up together, it's not very often that they are all together at once, so that was kind of fun.

Rob, Jacob, Joseph and Justin

We met back at Joe and Tara's house afterwards. I was glad we were able to see Tara. The kids all had so much fun together! This picture was taken on my night setting, so it is a little weird. Kind of matches their silliness.

All kids love to dress up!

We saw Justin's Grandparents on our way out of town. The kids had fun on the toys and eating ice cream cones in the front yard. I love being able to take our family on these little trips places. They have all turned into quite the little travelers. It's good to get a break but it always feels good to come home.


Melanie said...

How fun party people! My goodness, you've all been busy!

Tara said...

You guys are awesome - I'm impressed your kids were doing so well with all the running all over - I bet they slept well on the way home!!
By the way - I love your pictures!!!

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