Friday, May 29, 2009

Dad's 70th, Temple Square

Happy 70th Dad!
This is kind of surreal that my dad can actually be that old?
I don't see him as that age. It's crazy how time goes by!
My mom was so great at planning a surprise party for him Saturday night.
He had no clue. He just thought that us girls were here for Women's conference.
He actually made comments about Dan being the only one that wasn't there and kept saying he should call him to see if he could some how be there.
Little did he know, he showed up Saturday afternoon.
Dad was so happy to see him. I think he just enjoys seeing all of his family together.
This was such a great night spent together.
I had asked a lot of questions earlier about things I never knew about him.
It was so fun to hear new stories.
Then everyone shared memories they have had about him.
Liz made an amazing video from pictures she has of him from a baby up until now.
We had a good time and lots of laughs.
I believe there were really 70 candles on that cake! And he blew them all out!
I think this is temple square at it's best in the Spring.
It is always gorgeous, but the spring flowers are just amazing.
We spent our Sunday morning here before Becca and I headed to the airport. My almost not so little sis. The very much lack of sleep shows on us:).
Thanks for all of the memories, way too late nights, laughs, and everything!
It was a wonderful 3 days much needed!

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