Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fire and Pain

This is my sister Liz, Monday morning Liz was driving to work and got a call that her work caught fire in the early morning and nothing was left. She worked at dig my pics, a photo and video archiving company. they had so many boxes of peoples photo's in there that are all gone. So many of them are irreplaceable and date way back. It's really sad. They were able to go in and retrieve the server and are trying to get under the collapsed ceiling to see if any computers salvageable. So, Now my sister is out of a job, and this poor couple who had started this company about 5 years ago has to start over or who knows... They say they might not. http://www.digmypics.com/ This sight is the company page and has all of the info and pictures. This is my brother Dan. He has skated since he was about ... I will say 12-14 yrs old. because I really don't remember. He hates being fussed over so he probably won't like this but he'll get over it. He has had his share of nasty injuries in the past 10 years. With his most recent one he hurt his knee pretty good. It's really not even his worst injury but, he doesn't even know what's wrong yet. I hope you feel better Dan, and figure out what's wrong! I was just thinking that I feel so grateful to have our church and know the power of prayer and know that we will receive answers we need when we ask, if we are patient and in God's time, and that our Heavenly Father is always there for us.

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