Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our Hero

It started Thursday night, I heard that horrible sound of a cat fight out our back window. I went out to look at what the noise was. I then saw a cat up in a tree and a squirrel beneath it. So I automatically thought that's all it was. But, then I saw something higher up moving. I was a second little cat. So as curious as I was I went out to see if I could help it with a can of tuna and cat food. It didn't budge. I even threw the tuna up to it and it stayed still. It was not coming down. By then it was just barely light enough to see. I figured if it really wanted down it would be gone in the morning. Well, the next morning it was still there! It had been pouring and thundering and lightning since really early morning. I showed Justin and he was then determined to get it down.
Now, this isn't our cat, I recognized it from our neighbor a street over.
Justin went and got his ladder to access the situation. He realized then his ladder was about 12 feet too short. So he then went and got a second ladder, it was smaller but it did help. He used bungee cords to wrap the ladders to the tree.

He climbed up and could barely reach it, the kitten then reached for him and it came down. You can barely see the black spot above Justin's arm reaching up. The cat was as high as 23 to 25 feet!
Here he is coming down
The cat was so wet from all of the rain.

We tried to give it food and water but it only wanted to go back out probably to go home. So Justin drove it home. It's all kind of funny. Just a little cat that we didn't even know. It's a good thing it was in our tree I guess or it probably would have just gone unnoticed. I told you there is always something going on with some animal around our house.


Becca said...

Cute kitty - reminds me of Daisy - who no one ever met - we loved her - she was an amazinly sweet cat - which is why we were able to adopt her out! She and Sylvester were like soul mates - enough about her already.

I am glad my visions of Justin Pancakes, splattered all over the creek bed did come to pass!

Jill said...

Cute new pix up top! Who took that for ya?
Go Justin!! That was so nice to rescue the cat. Good thing it wasn't in our tree otherwise it would have never been rescued! lol.
Hope all is well! See you in a few more days :)

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