Sunday, May 4, 2008

Grandma Time

This past week we had so much fun when Justin's Mom came to visit! Wednesday we went to a park and played with other kids with her and then went home and tried out the naps but failed... Later on Mom had the young women over so, Dad took the kids and her to get icecream, I wish I had pictures from that. The kids are always cute with their cones.
Thursday we took the scenic route down to the dam. It is so pretty right now. I have never seen the river so high as it is when the all of the water is flowing out. We then drove to the kids favorite park nearby but thankfully Alyssa slept through it because everything was completely covered in yellow pollen! It was bad, It made it really hard to play on the toys anywhere.
Friday we got Brandon out of school and went to Ha Ha Tonka state park to see the castle and walk along the water on the trails. That was so fun to see all of the plants in bloom, the cliff swallows fly over the water, tons and tons of turtles sitting in the sun, and we all watched a mink. I had never seen a live mink before.
That night we were able to get a babysitter and all three go out to dinner at a new wonderful place. Well, It's not new it has been around for around 35 yrs. so it is kind of old for a restraunt but it was great. The best part I loved was picking up the kids and Hayden was so happy! He only cried for 5 minutes! I was amazed. They were all so happy and kept begging to go back and play.

Saying Goodbye. It was kind of a short visit but it was nice to have Grandma here we all had a good time. The kids love having people come to see us.

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