Saturday, May 24, 2008

nailpolish and my boys

I should really be in bed asleep but really just want to post this. I will have a lot of catching up to do after this weekend. Yesterday, which was Friday, was Brandon's school picnic at the state park. I am so glad he was able to do this because it was rained out the day before and the week before his field day was rained out also and wasn't rescheduled. bummer. He came home in such a good mood and very wore out and a tiny bit burnt. We were in the drive way talking about his day while he was practicing casting his fishing pole, which is another story, when I noticed his different colored finger nails! I asked him about it and he just replied that one of his friends (who is a girl) painted his fingernails. He thought it was pretty cool. I know Justin saw it first and had a good talk with him I am sure. But I also made sure he knew he wasn't allowed to do this again and most importantly that nail polish is for girls! I hope he listened. It's not something I thought I needed to explain to him. I thought, I am sure I have told him this before. Who knows. I did laugh though. I know I once put mascara on a guy friend and he put up a fight but then begged never to tell anyone ever! That is probably worse than nail polish. I had an amazingly fun day with two of my kiddo's and little brother Mike even though our original plans were ruined. I will have to post about this tommorow though. And I am up so late because Justin and Brandon are camping at the farm in Kansas. I never go to bed early when Justin is not here to coax me to. It is just him being here and going to bed himself without saying a word and I will follow close behind that gets me to bed. I rarely am in bed first. He is always waiting for me. but, also I just really don't like going to bed after he is asleep. I feel like there is a void or something and I don't go to sleep easily. I hope two of my boys are being safe and are having a blast! I can't wait to see all of the pictures of the fish Brandon's been catching! And he told me on the phone tonight "I learned how to drive a tractor! A real tractor Mom!" Can't wait to hear the rest of all of the stories.

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