Monday, March 31, 2008

What's that noise?

Okay. That title can go for a lot of different things lately around here, but I will start out with the the one I couldn't believe! I had just had a conversation about how some others keep squirrels away from their flowers and gardens etc.... I don't want to kill them or anything. I would love to plant flowers and give a try at a garden. I have just been so discouraged because I just know that I will plant something and it will be gone, dug up or eaten half way, or all the way.  It is frustrating. I wonder if that is why I don't see many flowers around town.  So my other dilemma is the squirrels eating the bird seed. I know It's my fault for scattering seed right on the railing of the deck so they can get it. But it is frustrating when they come and clean us out and make such a mess. I deal with that and just shrug it off most of the time. Well, they have now gone WAY too far! I hadn't put seed out because it was so windy. The bird feeders had some seed so I didn't think much of it. I was in the other room and heard a really loud racket in the kitchen. So my first thought was to the cats, but as I came in and saw right away, it was our mischievous squirrel. This was not his first attempt at this. Justin saw the first attempt but it didn't go anywhere. It saw the birds getting up there and knew somehow it could too.  We always have something going on around our house with some kind of creature around us.      

It did not care that I was standing there. It looked me right in the eyes and kept right on going. It was there for at least 5 minutes until I went out on the deck. I thought that was pretty funny. 

The Storms
Our other noises.... It has been pretty noisy around here with quite a few storms with the pouring rain and Thunder! My kids decided they do not like the thunder at all. So the nights that we have thunder and lightning at 2:30 in the morning, they are all in our bed, including the two cats! So that makes 7 of us. Justin usually makes his way to one of the kids beds because it really is a little TOO cozy.    Today was a nonstop rainy, thundering, lightning, watches and warnings kind of day. This picture is looking over our back yard and into the ravine which is always dry, except when we get rain. I have never seen it this full, and I didn't even get a picture when it was at it's fullest. It was moving really fast. I am grateful we are at the top of a hill and the water has no where to go but down the ravine to the lake. We even had tornado warnings and heard the sirens go off. But nothing happened by us here. A funny story though.... I had been watching the weather closely because a tornado was headed right towards Lebanon where Justin works. Then the warning came and I didn't here anything from Justin. So I text him to make sure he knew what was going on. about 15 minutes later he calls asking how much time he had to get from the gym back to work! Thank goodness the storm shifted by then and was about 5 or so miles north of where he was. Love you babe! 


Melanie said...

the squirrels are so funny!! i enjoy your stories and pictures!! keep it up!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh those animals! Holy Cow! The people I used to nanny foe had special bird feeders due to obnoxious other animals, I will see if I can find out what kind it is. Where do you get your cute blog background?

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