Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sassy's tender moment

What beautiful weather the past few days has given us. It's just perfect temperatures and little or no wind and all of the trees are starting to bud and all of the birds are singing so loud. I love Spring! Yesterday I was able to go on a walk and enjoy all of this. Alyssa was having one of those days and had to get out of the house. So we went on a walk up the street. We live in such a beautiful area. It is very unlike any place I have ever been. We didn't walk too far but I did end up carrying Alyssa home. Upon returning home we saw a disturbing thing on our porch. Alyssa gasped and ran to the spot under her window where a bird lay motionless. She was devastated. We think it flew into the window and hit too hard and didn't make it. She told me a story of how she was in her room earlier and heard a thump on her window and she looked out but couldn't see anything. I got a box to put it in and started across the driveway when Brandon said "You aren't going to throw it away are you? You can't just do that."  I told him no and went to grab a shovel and took the three kids on the side of the house. I dug a very small hole and explained what had happened and that it's spirit is in heaven now and I had to tell Hayden that it has to go to sleep now and we need to cover it up. He told me okay, but would not let me cover the head. As we went inside I took Alyssa to wash up with me. Tears swelled up in her eyes really big and got bigger as she told me "I'm so sad that the bird is gone to heaven, now I can't see it anymore." just watching her emotions and reactions was so sweet, she was just so sad. She had to go tell Justin the same thing and needed a little comfort for a bit. A little later on she told Becca on the phone that "the bird is in heaven like our old Prophet is in heaven. But we have a new one now." Meaning a new Prophet. It was all pretty dramatic for her. 

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Heather said...

How sweet! Kids are so random! I love the pic of them all asleep in the car-- which, is a miracle in and of itself, the wake one did not bug the sleeping ones... haha that is how it is in my car, and there are just two, and not next to each other :)
I am so glad you came ;)
Is Justin seriously condidering SLCPD? My uncle works there.
Have a great day!

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