Monday, April 21, 2008

Random things from this past week

I have three posts because I have slacked off this past week and just haven't been in the mood to post anything. It was kind of a crazy week. Monday night was Brandon's Tball, Tues.- Justin's school, Wed- Lisa has YW's. Thurs- Justin school and Fri a test. Sat_ Lisa was gone all evening til late for a Young Women's meeting. So with all of that and Brandon's school and other misc. activities and appointments we had all week. This week will be nice to be a bit slower.
We did receive our letter of acceptance from preschool for Alyssa this next year. The School district is starting a preschool program. We had a screening done by our Parents as Teachers Rep that comes to our house once a month. And then She was submitted and we got in. There are a lot of people who aren't going to be able to be a part of it. There are just way too many kids and the space is too small. I am excited for her to start that. I really wish I had her in preschool this year. I didn't realize how much she needed it. I just can't keep her busy enough. She has a really creative mind and loves to learn and read and create etc... On another subject... Brandon has a good summer school program. It is only for 3 weeks. It is free. And We pick the fun classes he wants to take. It is only about 4 hours a day. they will learn how to do fun art projects and some other fun classes. So I hope we can get him into that.
One big change this past week... Justin is officially working from home now. He had a moving day last Friday and brought everything home from his office in Lebanon and is set up in a room in the basement. It's a long story of how it all happened so if you ask I will tell you about it if you don't already know. I will miss the mornings of having to go to the window with the kids to wave dad off every morning. And Hayden would have to wait until he is completely out of sight and say "There he goes."

These are some pictures I took the other morning. I wish I had of taken these a half hour earlier because the fog was so thick you really couldn't see very far. We see this often around here, and as soon as the sun comes up it seams to evaporate or something. I don't really know the science of it. I just enjoy the way it looks. I have never been in anything like it before. I love these pictures because you can see the beautiful dogwoods blooming which I did not realize how they are everywhere and the other purple flowered trees. Have I said yet that I love spring?
This first picture I just loved how the sun rays were coming through the fog. It really was much better in person.

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