Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Growing up

Tonight the boys and I were having our reading time together. I read Brandon some gross book about spiders he checked out at the library. Ew! and then Hayden wanted me to read Goodnight Moon. This was the very first kids book we had. My sister gave this to me as a baby shower present. The one we have is a big board book. It has always been Brandon's favorite and has held up very well the past six years. Before he could crawl we would lay it in front of him and he loved to just look at the pictures.  We would read it to him every night. All of our kids have loved it. And it is a good story to read before bed. Especially compared to Alyssa's new obsession with Cat in The Hat which is 61 pages long! Well, as I started to read Brandon told me to wait and took the book from me and said "I will read it mom." So he started to read it. And not just from memory because he had trouble with some words. He really read it. That just made me start thinking about all the changes they go through so fast. We read this book to him and now he is reading it to us not many years later. It is so fun the first year they are in school to see how much they learn so fast. You realize things that you didn't know also. Like with Brandon. I thought I worked with him really good with the alphabet. And it surprised me when he started school and really didn't know all of his letters. Little kids are amazing how fast they learn and grow. It really is a proud moment hearing your child start reading to you the first times. 

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Mel said...

Isn't that fun? I love it when the boys read to me. Dallin actually came home from preschool today with a book, and was reading me full sentences. Like 6 pages! It was so great. It really makes you feel good. I love hearing about the kids and your days. I'll try to get some pics up on my blog in the next couple days. Thanks for the comment.

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