Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First Day of Practice

Monday started the T-ball season for Brandon. He was so excited he couldn't stop asking if it was Monday yet. No one on the team has ever played before. Little kids are so cute playing sports and trying to learn. Alyssa had a hard time with it. She wanted so badly to go out and play. She just didn't understand why she couldn't. She walked around and pouted for the longest time, until she found some older girls to play with. After wards she asked to see her picture of her crying. I should have had a pouty face picture of her. 
Brandon got right out there and did what he was told to do. He loves it. He and another boy were practicing catching and I caught him giving the other boy pointers on how they were told how to do it.
Hayden seamed just as excited as Brandon was. He wanted out on that field so bad! He went and sat on the baseball bag with the helmet and ball for awhile watching the boys practice batting.
The games are going to be all about learning and having fun. They don't even keep score. I don't know if they do that everywhere? This is our first sport with him. I guess we need to work on that form a little bit. 
Afterwards we all had ice cream. He loves his chocolate! He was the messiest of the three! Nice face huh? He was wore out. they made them all run the bases at the end. They were all falling down by the time they were done. Too cute. 

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