Monday, April 14, 2008


Saturday night around 11:00 Justin and I were getting ready to get in bed. Then we both heard banging on the window on the deck. We have been waiting to see our furry friends that have been stealing my suet! Well, They weren't interested in the suet tonight. I had just hung the humming bird feeder. This picture is what Justin saw as he opened the curtain. and right in front of him was this raccoon. It could have cared less that we were right there watching it. It wanted that sugar water! It looked right at Justin face to face several times. How crazy is that! this is the only picture I had of it. It was too hard to get a picture in the dark and my camera kept dying. There were actually two but only got this picture of the one. It's never ending with the animals around here. And I am sure it is all just beginning with Spring and summer on it's way.
One morning Hayden and I were looking out the window. Something on Brandon's bike caught my eye. This little frog. What a weird place for it. It was there all day, until the kids got home from school at 4 and moved the wheel and made it fall off. It had been pouring all night and very strong winds so I guess it felt secure there?
Artica; Justin's new pet Last week sometime Justin took the kids on an outing to Petco as he does quite often. He came home talking about the cutest hamster he has ever seen. It is all white except a little blackish grey line on it's back. and he said it looks like a little snow ball. So, Saturday he gets Hayden in the car and leaves, doesn't say much of where they were going. A short time later he shows up with the little cardboard pet taxi. He said it is his new office pet. Anyway, He thinks it's just the cutest thing. The kids all love it! And the cats are jealous of it because of the attention. It is super soft and cute. But I myself don't think it is the cutest thing.
Hayden thinks it is soooo funny. He laughs at it in the cage when it runs on it's wheel, when it digs, or cleans itself (which it does very often so it is a very clean animal) and the best was when Justin put it in this ball to run around. Hayden was laughing so hard it was cute. Alyssa could just sit and watch it forever but could never be trusted alone with it because she just wants to touch it and hold it. At first she kept asking dad if she could see the Rat. Now she just asks to see the pet.

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Jill said...

Cute blog background!!!!!! I usually don't see backgrounds because with the google reader you just see the post, not the whole blog page. Too cute!
You guys crack me up with all the animals at your house. Sooo funny! Always a story with you guys. That is funny about the frog too, and that you even noticed it.
Cute pix!!

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