Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Break

Little Bunnies
The kids and Lisa had so much fun in St. Louis with Becca and Matt and the girls. My kids just love being at there house and wouldn't mind if we didn't ever do anything else. One
 morning as the kids got up and looking for breakfast they found the carrots and decided they all had to have one. It was cute to see them all eating them together. Our little bunnies. 

The Robin
We found this little one sitting in the middle of the road about 10 or so feet from what we are guessing it's mate just staring at it's freshly squooshed body. We were able to pull up next to it and Becca picked it up and it just sat on her hand, so calm and unbothered by us. It seamed like it was in shock. It was sad. We moved it across the street by the club house and Becca took it to the bushes by some other Robins. Later it was finally running around some. This was our little bird rescue. 

Bird sanctuary
All of the kids were so excited to be so close to all of the amazing birds. We saw Bald eagles, different types of Falcons, Pelicans, a stork, snowy owls, and the list goes on. We got through half of it and were told we needed to leave because the water was rising from the Meramec River and inching closer to the only road out of there. So it was cut short. Which was fine, I am thankful that we were safe and our homes were safe. 
 Not everyone was so lucky. This is a news clip I found about just some of the flooding.
And one time in my life I was glad the forecasted rain did not come our way. 

Becca and I had 2 sitters come over so we could have some much needed and over due time alone together. Hayden survived the babysitters! He actually went in to play with them and got them to follow him downstairs to play with him. This is how he was when we got home. Sorry about the doll dad. He just needed comfort, and it was so sweet. No worries. 

Castle Park
Brandon begs to go to this park when we visit. It is a childs dream park. It is Huge and so much to do. So much fun. Mike and I took all five kids while Matt went with Becca for more tests at the hospital. Not fun for her.  

Dyeing Eggs
We did dye Easter eggs. Becca's girls were excited and right there to start. Brandon had fallen asleep and Alyssa was shortly there after him. So, my kids did it one at a time. which was a little fun that I could spend more time with each one individually and not have to share our time.

Becca's kid Spa
The three girls had a blast cleaning up in a HUGE tubby together. Then they were pampered with lotion and hair wraps and bath robes to stay warm and a movie. 
Justin did not have the time off from work to go with us. We all missed you so much on our trip. We all wished you were there and could have some time off. The kids asked about you often and wondered what you were doing... Well, besides working, he did spend a lot more time working when he got home. He surprised us with all of the carpets in the house cleaned (which is a big chore). And cleaning other things. Thanks for all you do. We love you! 

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