Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fall leaves in the Spring

It was finally nice enough to play outside. It had been dry for awhile too so I let the kids loose in the back yard. Well, I was hoping they wouldn't touch the leaves, 
 but I should have known better, they went straight for the leaves that should have been cleaned up months ago but weren't.  They really didn't get to play in the leaves much in the fall.  I guess they were making up for what they missed out on. I was kind of grossed out because I know they have sat there for months and didn't want them to get sick from them, but I let them have some fun for a little bit and even shot a few pictures.  Then off to the tubs immediately. There were leaf pieces every where. They were so happy. The next day they really thought they could do it all over again. So, Justin got out there and mowed them all up and they are now gone.  Now the yard is safe until the snakes and spiders and scorpions return.....

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