Monday, March 17, 2008

P.D. For Me!?

A new adventure could be waiting for me, but will I make or break in my trip to be????? I recently decided I would like to go back to pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. I really enjoyed being a Sargeant of Security at The Gateway Mall, and some even know I was going to be testing with SLC P.D. until my interview for this job I am currently at coincided with them. I decided to take this path thinking it was the best choice for my family at the time, but after recent events and other feelings, I feel it is time to try my luck at passing all of the initial tests, interviews, and background check to try and get on board with the Mesa, AZ police department. It will be an extensive stressful process, but well worth it if I am hired on. Mesa also accomodates out of state applicants by doing everything they can in 3-5 days. As long as I pass one part I move to the next and so on until the background interview. That usually takes about a month and all in all from start of testing to a conditional offer is usually 3 months. I have headed back to the gym more serious than ever, and have high hopes of being in great physical shape come testing time in May. I realize many of you may be thinking it is so dangerous and all of those thoughts, but I trust in the Lord with everything I have been given, and I know I wouldn't do something I felt strongly against. I was carjacked at gunpoint and that is a memory that will last forever, and I want to be someone who can help the victim out, and put the bad away. There is a lot of turmoil and contentions in today's world, and every little bit can help. It is with my greatest wishes at this time that I can make this all come about.

Lisa is somewhat uneasy as most spouses would be. She has a lot of thoughts about moving back to AZ, and I am not one to ignore those. Right now she is supportive of my decision, but has also stated that "if something else comes along"........well you never know. I just might find a winning lottery ticket. The future is unknown, and the Law Enforcement area is a very stable job area, and it offers a lot of incentives and job opportunities. I have a strong desire to do what's best for my family, and all 3 of my kids like the idea of dad being a policeman, and now it is time to show myself that a 31 year old can still run with the young pack!!


rlsecor said...

It is good to hear your thoughts Justin. We so want you all to be happy and secure! We just want you here! Or at least close to us! We have loved having you guys close. BUT would NEVER dream of going back to the desert! Ugh! We will be heartbroken but will understand. We have 2 friends who work for the Police Dept in Mission, KS. Mike K. is pretty high up and has been there for quite a while, he likes it and is a great guy. Roy (you met him at BBQ) likes it and hates it. He doesn't like his hours and he doesn't like spending all day in the car. But, he likes the work and the benefits and the people he works with. He has been there maybe 2 years now and is going back to school, again.

Crazy life! Keep that positive outlook and I guess we will all see which path Lord takes you on!

Luv Ya


Shelly said...

Hi Lisa! I found your blog! Good to see you and I enjoyed your christmas letter! I LOVE your background. I still haven't figured out how to do that! Any tips?

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