Thursday, March 27, 2008

I got voted off by my own boys!

So as some of you know, my children, mostly the boys, ask me to sing their favorite song to them every night. Well, tonight had to be an exception. I was good all day long up until about 3:30 pm. I remember this because after school at 3:00 I talked to Brandon's teacher just fine. My voice is going! It is still there well, kind of, just very hoarse and just does not sound good. It is really frustrating! It really does take a lot away from you when you can not speak normal. How hard would that be to have to be like that all of the time? I will feel so blessed when I am back to normal.   Back to the songs.  I was asked to sing the two requested nightly songs, and as I start the boys begin to giggle, I kept going a little more, and they giggle even harder. Hayden was even trying to sing along but just couldn't.  So I stopped and said, "I am sorry, I just can't sing tonight boys." Who really wants to hear I am a child of God in all kinds of abnormal off tune noises? So what do they do? Start asking for dad, but dad is at school so Brandon said when he gets home from school he has to go in to sing to him. He always has to have mommy. So that was a big deal to ask for dad. Some other comments were made about me not being able to talk right but I don't really remember it all. It was just funny and cute how they rejected me, all for good reasons though.  Hopefully it won't last long. 

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rlsecor said...

Great creative title and funny story! Poor voice! Im Sorry!

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