Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remembering 2008

I want to remember the past year that went by so quickly before any more time slips away..... So... The year of 2008 for the Finley's Brandon: Turned 6. Played on his first sports team playing T-ball. Went from Kindergarten to 1st grade. Got glasses for reading. Spent a lot of time playing with friends in the neighborhood. Loves anything that is, Ben 10, Star Wars, Transformers. Loves spending time with Dad and also playing the 360 together. He has lost 4 teeth. Has grown like a weed! His dad is proud that he is taking after him in height. Has excelled greatly in his reading! Alyssa: Turned 4. Started preschool in the fall and absolutely loves it! Has a very imaginative mind and pretend plays all the time. (So if you ever hear her talking to herself, you will know why. This is very frequent) Loves everything girly and not girly. Dress up, moms makeup, nail polish, dirt, mud, all bugs, (yes she picks them up and carries them around with her) Hayden: Turned 3. Diaper free! He kind of did this on his own with only a little prompting and back up from mom and dad. Loves to play with his cars, trucks, trailers, trains etc.... finally figured out that watching TV or movies is sometimes fun. Scared us all with his accident at the swimming pool. Which I am so thankful he is okay from that. Finally went to nursery the week before his 3rd birthday. Loves people. Obsessed with trailers, hitches, motorcycles.... and points them all out as we drive down the road. Loves to be with his daddy. Lisa: Was called to Young Women's 1st counselor over the 14 and 15 year olds, at the beginning of the year. Stayed busy with her calling. Started this blog to keep family up to date and to not forget some memories. Tries to keep up with the 3 kids and Justin and the house etc... enjoyed time together with playgroups and outings with the kids and family. Justin: Always busy with something. Work, School, trying to find time for himself and family. Enjoys his basketball times on the weekend. Started a new job. Changed his focus on his degree for school. Lisa gave in and he finally got his motorcycle he's been wanting since before we were married. (Which is now sitting lonely in storage because of winter) Justin is a wonderful dad who the kids all love! He can always make you happy when you are down. As a family we really enjoyed our trip back to Utah in February to see all of our family and friends. We had a visit from Grandma Finley. We really enjoyed all of the time we can spend with Becca, Matt and the girls from being so close. Aunt Heather came to stay for a bit over Summer. Justin and Brandon took a fishing trip to his friends farm in Ks. In May, Lisa's whole family was together in St. Louis. We were looking into buying a house in Kansas City to be closer to his corporate office after he started working from home, only to come home from a weekend with the realtor to find out he was let go. Started working at CALO as a Recreational Therapy Assistant/Residential Coach, which sparked his interest in getting a degree along those lines, because he loves people and loves to make a positive difference in others lives in a positive setting. We got a dog, Myka, who is a Siberian Husky and was about 9 months old. He turned one around Thanksgiving. We love to spend time together as much as time allows between all of our busy lives. We are Thankful for all of our family and friends and everything we are blessed with in our lives.

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