Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bald Eagles

On Dec 3, it was one of the first of the cold days ahead.
I had dropped Justin off at work and thought I would take a drive by the dam on the way out since it is right there.
When I pulled down into the parking lot I saw a tree full of Bald Eagles!
I started to count and there were at least 25 just in that tree! I counted about 15 more in trees further down and in other spots. So the total being around 40!! That is alot.
It was an amazing sight to see all of these beautiful huge birds up so close in there own place.
Justin took these with our great camera we got for Christmas.
It looks like he was cleaning his bill?
Justin was right underneath them! I love this one, I wish I could zoom a little closer without distorting it.
This would be all the bald eagles I saw at the beginning of Dec. As you can see quite a few flew off, and one is as I took the picture... and this is with our other camera.
This Eagle is eating a fish, it has part of it hanging out of it's mouth.
Later that week I took Brandon back to see. As we were coming down the hill we saw two big deer in a field ahead by a dirt road.
I then saw a cat walking along the dirt road towards the deer.
I drove towards them and when I got to the edge the cat looks at us and the deer look at the cat and they all run! The cat after the deer. That is when I realized how big that cat really was and it was not just a cat but a bob cat and it ran right after the deer.
It was kind of cool to see. Wish I had a good camera for that one.
I love all of the beautiful nature around us here.

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littleREEDwriting said...

WOW!! So neat to catch up! I just got back from my mom's sister Aunt Jens' FUNERAL. I gave the eulogy yesterday.. very sudden. Where are you living now?

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