Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Brandon

February was Brandon's month.
My little guy turned 9 this year.
I think once they get in school time just flies by super fast.
I sometimes wouldn't mind if it were to go slower.
Maybe we just need an extra weekend day in the week, that might fix it.
Anyway, my Brandon....
He's growing! He doesn't have much longer before we are the same height.
He just barely caught up to me in shoe size (for guys).
This kid is doing great in school.
He is sensitive. It has its good and bad.
He has tons of friends and will be friends with anyone.
He reads tons. His favorite thing to do is to build Lego's and be creative
with what he has. I am sure he would do this all day if I would let him.
I'm pretty sure he had a great birthday.
It started right as he got up so he could wear new clothes and possibly ride his new scooter to school, until we realized it snowed.
Then, we did other presents throughout the day.
He picked orange chicken for dinner (his favorite).
I love you Brandon!
Hopefully, I will get his long overdue cute, posed pictures taken soon. Maybe...

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