Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Air Balloons

All of the 3rd grade classes have an annual hot air balloon launch every year.
Brandon kind of got pushed to the back when I took a picture of him and his class.
They make the balloons out of tissue paper and wire and glue it together. It's pretty cool.
There were 5 classes and the second class's balloon touched an ember and went up in flames in a few seconds. I was kind of sad after all of the hours spent on it.
It worked out good with Brandon's class though.
They were so excited and had fun watching it fly over the huge farm fields.
They hold the balloon over a big pipe that comes out of a barrel that has the fire burning in it
and it fills up with hot air.
They release it and it rises up and floats away.
It's so fun going to the school for little side projects.

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