Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Y

One of my greatest of friends Sarah was in town for a short bit and we were determined
to squeeze in at least a little bit of time together.
We were able to meet up and hike the Y in Provo.
This was my first time to do this.
At the last second I grabbed Brandon and brought him with.
I am sure I would have done much better on a much cooler and shadier day
and in my younger years.
It was so hard for Brandon.
He just kept begging to go back down.
Just to turn around or stop and wait for everyone else to go up.
We talked him into not giving up and that the hard climb would be so worth it in the end.
And it was of course.... and he happily ran down the mountain when
we were done like it was nothing.
I loved being able to see Sarah and meet Major and see her sister and her husband.
(Stephanie is like 8 months pregnant and did this hike!! she's amazing.)
Good times with great friends.

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