Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Real Day 3 then, 5

In doing the posts I somehow completely skipped a day. So, Day 3 in reality was day 4. I think it was because we were all tired on Tuesday. We didn't really do much in the morning. In the late afternoon we spent the rest of the day at San-Tan mall. It's an outdoor mall that has everything. quite fun on a nice day. probably not so much in the Summer AZ. heat. We did find a husky pup at a pet store we got to play with for awhile. We were tempted until we heard the outrageous price tag. Yikes! We made dinner when we got home and the kids were falling asleep before it was even ready. I was bummed because we planned to see the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple that night. I think we all just needed some rest. Which was good because the hike was the next day...
Day 5
I love this day. We finally went to my favorite place! Bahama Bucks. :) The best shaved ice I have ever had! If you are ever in AZ. or some places in Texas and Florida, you have to go there! YUMMY.
After we got our Bahamas we went swimming at my cousins pool. The temps were still pretty low and the water was freezing still! I chose to sit back and watch. It didn't seam to bother Brandon any though. All they wanted to do the whole time we were in AZ. was to go swimming. I made their day.
After swimming I got to see another cousin and finally meet his wife and beautiful daughter. It's so fun to see family you haven't seen in forever. The kids were so excited that they were able to pick a tangelo right off of the tree and eat it. They were so good. I really wore the kids out because they fell asleep on the car ride home. We were supposed to head home in the morning. I was so tired and just wasn't ready to go yet. So, Liz and Heather went out to play and go ice blocking while I took the kids to Bass Pro Shop and a big park to play at. It was 10:00 pm by then. It was kind of fun having a blast together late at night and I didn't care that they were still up.

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