Thursday, June 24, 2010

Class Dance Performances

This day was seriously about the best part of the whole year, I think.
First, Justin, Hayden and I went to have a picnic on the school lawn under the trees with Brandon. (Alyssa was in class)
Then... the dances.
Each grade in the school practiced their own dance to a fun song.
They all practiced for weeks.
My kids would come home from school and practice.
They were all so fun and cute!
The Kindergarten classes did The Little Mermaids, Under The Sea
Alyssa took it so seriously. She even sang every word to the song.
Her besty next to her did not take it as serious. It was fun to see their differences.
2nd grade did The Jungle Books: I Wanna Be Like You
It was upbeat and fun too!
He got way more into his part than I thought he would and I loved it!
Look at these little monkeys.
They were amazing!
What a great way to end the school year!
Good-bye 2nd grade & Kindergarten.
If I can figure out how to post a 6 minute video I will.

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