Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Brandon!

Wow. The years are just going way to fast now.
Here is my big 7 year old.
I think it is safe to say Brandon had a wonderful Birthday.
We took him to Denny's for Breakfast like he's been wanting for a very long time.
He might have out eaten all of us! He ate all of his food and more.
putting together his new Star Wars Lego set. He loves it!
He and the others ran errands while I made his cake for him. He wanted a Transformers cake, then he asked for a Bakugan cake. (Many of you probably don't even know what that is unless you have older boys, I wouldn't) Here was my best attempt. I was lacking some tools ie.. my frosting tips that are in storage. Excited about new Bakugan's
The wonderful 65 degrees took us outside a lot today.
Brandon found a quiet place alone on the deck to play with his fun new toys.
A thought has come to me in a different way recently, as I have thought of the kids getting older, I wonder if I am doing all I can to prepare my children for when they are away from me and on their own to make their own decisions. I know there is always room for improvement.
But I also know that we as parents just need to make sure we are doing our parts and do our best and the rest is up to them.
Brandon has such a sweet heart and looks at things in ways I would never dream of. He has a fun imaginative mind. He loves people and making new friends. He is very accepting of people.
My favorite thing about him lately is how he has been so wonderful at giving hugs and I love you's much more freely than he used to. It was a good feeling when a few days ago, coming down a hallway at school, I saw him come out of a doorway at the opposite end, he saw me, and ran down the hall to me, gave me a big hug and smile, then without a word was off to catch up with his class. That said so much without a word being spoken.
It's always such a good feeling to see your children so happy.
We love you Brandon!


Heather sis said...

Your new place doesn't look bad! I like the couch...haha. It kinda makes me sad how fast he is growing, that I don't get to see him much or spend enough time with him. I guess there will never be enough time for anything, it seems.... Give Brandon a hug for me! (:

Jill said...

Cute! Looks like a fun day. You're a great mom.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures always! It is fun to see Brandon on his birthday. He really is growing up fast. He looks lots taller then when I saw you all last spring. I must admit I really miss the grandkids and seeing them grow and change and just sharing Sunday dinners and birthdays. I love you guys all so very much! Thanks much for keeping your blog updated so well. It is beautiful and it makes me feel like you aren't so far away.
Love you all. Mom, Kristie, Grandma :)

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