Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Playing & Movin Along

disclaimer:(low quality photos from cell phone sorry)
This Summer is definitely flying by fast. After school got out we have spent most of our days doing what we love best. As usual it's outside enjoying the beautiful weather, hiking, going for walks, playing at parks and riding bikes or just playing with friends. Very low key but fun.
In June, there were some big changes.
We once again packed up the house for another move.
I know, I know, We move a lot.
We are planning on staying here for awhile now because I sure do not enjoy packing.
... Plus, it costs a lot.
It's definitely a change.
We miss all of the tons of neighborhood kids and the mountains out our back door.
But, it has some bonuses.
We have a swimming pool, a great paved trail behind us and we are closer to many of the things/ people we have to drive to on a regular basis.
So, in the long run... it will be good.
After all, our focus is to get Justin through school and move on to bigger better
things in the future.

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Kenningtons said...

Ugh! I feel for ya' !! I am SO over moving but there doesn't seem to be an end in sight for us any time soon. Are you guys any closer to us now?

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